James Renwick’s Preaching at Little Drumbreck, 1683.

Following his field preaching at Brounrigge and the United Societies’ eleventh convention at Darmead, James Renwick held a house conventicle at Little Drumbreck by a bleak muir in New Monkland parish, Lanarkshire:

Near Little Drumbreck © Raymond Okonski and licensed for reuse.

‘From [Brounrigge] … they then went to the paroch of New Munckland, where they keept another numerous conventicle in armes at Litle Drumbreck in the house of William Martin in the east end of the said paroch, which belongs to the trad[e]s of Glasgow, where they also continowed a considerable space; and, albeit it was the duty of the of the saids John Broun [in Brounrigge] and William Martin [in Little Drumbreck], [to inform the authorities, they] … most undutifully have omitted to give the said advertisement.’ … (RPCS, VIII, 272-3.)

The ruins of Little Drumbreck are all that remain.

Bing Aeriel View of Little Drumbreck            Little Drumbreck Bing OS Map

The privy council fined William Martine, ‘wadsetter and possessor of the lands’ where the house conventicle took place, £50 sterling [i.e., £600 Scots]. (RPCS, VIII, 274.)

Little Drumbreck lay near other preaching sites at Blackloch and Arnbuckle.

Text © Copyright Dr Mark Jardine.


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3 Responses to “James Renwick’s Preaching at Little Drumbreck, 1683.”

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  2. […] From his own account of his interrogation, Jackson appears to have attended the United Societies’ general convention, as he did not deny that he had attended the convention. He was probably a delegate from the prayer society which operated in Eastwood parish. Jackson may have attended the Societies’ eleventh convention at Darmead on 3 October, 1683. Darmead was the first convention at which James Renwick preached. (See the preachings at Brounrigge and Little Drumbreck.) […]

  3. […] taking place close to the bogs around Caldercruix and the shire boundary near Black Loch. (See Little Drumbreck, Arnbuckle and Black […]

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