Donald Cargill’s Preaching at Strarryshaw, 1680

Following the killing of Richard Cameron in the skirmish at Ayrsmoss on 22 July, 1680, Donald Cargill preached near Strarryshaw farm in Shotts parsh, Lanarkshire.

The new Strarryshaw Monument

According to Patrick Walker: ‘Mr. Cargill preached upon the 25th in the parish of Shot[t]s, upon that Text, Know you not that there is a great Man and Prince fallen in our Israel? [2 Samuel 3.38.]’. (Walker, BP, II, 9-10.)

Walker neither provides any further details of Cargill’s sermon lamenting Cameron’s loss of Sunday 25 July, nor gives a location for the preaching within Shotts parish, Lanarkshire. However, according to tradition, Cargill preached on the moor near Starryshaw Farm, which lies close to the shire boundary with Linlithgowshire and next to the South Calder Water, that forms the parish boundary with Cambusnethan parish.

Bing OS Map of the approximate location of the Strarryshaw Monument

Google Aerial View of the approximate location of Starryshaw Monument

In 1925 a monument was built at the Starryshaw site by John Gilfillan of Shotts, but it was vandalised and eventually dynamited in 1957. In 1988, a replacement monument was erected, but it, too, succumbed to vandalism in 2000 and has disappeared in the woods. After a fundraising campaign, a third monument was erected in 2007 and dedicated at a service on Sunday 12 October 2008.

Details of the location of the monument and the inscription on it will be posted once I have discovered them. If anyone knows about the monument, please get in touch, here. or via a comment, below.

Patrick Walker also records the presence of the Marshall brothers from Starryshaw at Benty-rig on c.28 June 1681 and at the Lee Wood on c.4-9 July, 1681.

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15 Responses to “Donald Cargill’s Preaching at Strarryshaw, 1680”

  1. […] the east. In that year, Cargill preached at Cairnhill (6 June), Kype Water (18 July with Cameron), Starryshaw (25 July), Craigmad (1 Aug), Torwood (mid Sept), Falla Hills (late Sept), Craigwood (3 Oct?) Largo […]

  2. […] Peden Stone lies very close to other field preaching sites at Starryshaw, Darmead and Falla […]

  3. […] as he did not field preach for about six weeks after he fulfilled prearranged field preachings at Starryshaw (25 July) and Craigmad (1 August) until he preached at […]

  4. My father James Fuller was a great covenanter. He and his pals visited this stone often.

    When my father died I scattered his ashes at the stone.

    Some years later I did the same with my mother ashes. Sadly the stone had been vandalised.

    It is a long time since I visited the site. I assume that the new stone is back on site.

    I shall visit the site in the near future..

    Note mmyn father left all his covenanter books which I treasure.

    All the best

  5. This is fascinating. I live in Morningside, having moved two years ago. I am a member of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Glasgow. I was born in England but my mother is Scottish by birth (nee Buchanan).

    i think the Covenanters were wonderful people.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Budgen

  6. […] Starryshaw was also where Cargill held a field preaching in 1680. […]

  7. Hello
    I was involved in re-erecting the Starryshaw Memorial in 2007. We raised the funds by holding a sponsered walk from Harthill to Peden Stone then onto Starryshaw before returning to Harthill. We also held a night out to pay for the transport of the Stone and the fencing round the Memorial. The inscription reads :-
    Dedicated in honour of the men of the covenant. Near this spot where the covenanters worshipped Richard Cameron’s Funeral sermon was preached by Donald Cargill July 1680 from 2nd Samuel 3.v.38 Starryshaw 1925 erected 1988 and re-erected July 2007 SCMA

    • Hi Tom,

      excellent, I will be in touch/reply next week. Could you email me at jardinesbookofmartyrs[at]gmail[dot]com

  8. […] 2.7km, from Fauldhouse. Cargill is known to have preached in that area at Darmead (1680 and 1681), Starryshaw (25 July, 1680) and Falla Hills (late September, 1680). A fourth site in the area, the Peden Stone, […]

  9. […] not field preach on his own near where Young lived. With the exception of Cargill’s preaching at Starryshaw in Shotts parish on 25 July, 1680, his preachings which were close to Strathaven parish all took […]

  10. […] inscription on the plaque. It stands near the Deer Slunk, where Richard Cameron’s funeral sermon was preached by Donald Cargill on 21 July [actually on 25 July], […]

  11. […] at Benhar lies further south on the same boundary and beyond it are the sites of Donald Cargill’s field preachings at Starryshaw and Falla […]

  12. […] We know that they had parted at the latest a day or two before the ‘Queensferry Incident’ on 3 June, in which Cargill was wounded and Henry Hall died of his wounds. A bandaged-up Cargill was barely fit enough to preach at Cairnhill (probably at Wolf Craigs) on 6 June, but then he disappears from the record, probably recovering from his wounds, until he preached with Cameron at the Kype Water on 18 July and, again, after Cameron’s death, at Starryshaw on 25 July. […]

  13. […] Lanarkshire boundary in an area that was frequently used for field preachings. It is close to both Starryshaw and Falla Hill, where Donald Cargill preached, and the Peden Stone at […]

  14. […] near other preaching sites at Black Loch, Arnbuckle and Little Drumbreck to the west and Benhar, Starryshaw, Falla Hills and Darmead to the […]

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