The Scottish Tornado of 1678

‘August 1678, there hapned on the water of Clyd, near to Killpatrick on the east hand, an hurricane, that lighted on the water with great violence, and made the water to run round in the midst lyke a whirlepooll, and out of the waters it goes on the land, tearing up the trees be the roots, and blowing the stowks and sheaves of corne in the air. A woman seeing it was so affrighted, that being with child she parted with it; and men coming down the water in a boatt, observing it, took themselves to shore, out of fear, for shelter.’ (Law, Memorialls, 145.)

The Clyde tornado first struck on the river to the west of Old Kilpatrick before moving inland.

The above account of it came from Robert Law, the former presbyterian minister of Easter Kilpatrick.

Google Street View towards location of 1678 Tornado

Bing OS Map of Area of Tornado

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~ by drmarkjardine on August 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Scottish Tornado of 1678”

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