Cargill’s Possible Preaching at Hynd’s Bottom in 1681

View from Glengaber Hill towards Friarminnan © Chris Wimbush and licensed for reuse.

It is known that Richard Cameron preached at Hynd’s Bottom in 1680, but a single mysterious reference in a collection of traditions also claims that Donald Cargill preached there.

According to Simpson’s Traditions of the Covenanters, Donald Cargill preached ‘the Gospel to the children of the desert’ at ‘Hindbottom, in the neighbouring wilds [to Friarminnan].’ (Simpson, Traditions, 294.)

Bing OS Map of Hynd’s Bottom            Google Maps Aerial View of Hynd’s Bottom

There is no evidence to corroborate Simpson’s tradition that Cargill preached at Hynd’s Bottom. Has the tradition or Simpson simply confused Cargill’s preaching with Cameron’s preaching there in 1680? It is possible.

What if the tradition is correct? What follows is speculation, but it may shed some light on Simpson’s tradition. What is reasonably clear, is that Cargill did not preach with Cameron at Hynd’s Bottom on either 30 May or 11 July 1680, as the two surviving sermons from Cameron’s Hynd’s Bottom preaching plainly indicate that Cargill did not preach with him on that day.

Judging from the locations of the field preachings of Cameron and Cargill after they parted at Auchengilloch in 1680, Hynd’s Bottom lay within Cameron and Thomas Douglas’s preaching circuit, rather than in Cargill’s area of operation in 1680. Cargill’s recorded preachings mostly took place further to the east. In that year, Cargill preached at Cairnhill (6 June), Kype Water (18 July with Cameron), Starryshaw (25 July), Craigmad (1 Aug), Torwood (mid Sept), Falla Hills (late Sept), Craigwood (3 Oct?) Largo Law (24 Oct) near Carnwath (31 Oct) and near Fauldhouse (7 November).

However, in 1681, Cargill seems to have moved his preaching activities to the west. In that year Cargill preached at Darmead (24 April), Underbank Wood (1 May), Loudoun Hill (5 May), toured the South West (c.12 May- c.5 June), Coulter Heights (12 June), Benry Bridge (19 June), Devon Common (26 June) Auchengilloch (3 July) and Dunsyre Common (10 July).

Cargill’s pattern of preaching in 1681 suggests that if he preached at Hynd’s Bottom, that he probably preached there during his tour of the South West between 12 May and 5 June.

An uncorroborated inscription places Alexander Peden at Friarminnan in 1681. At some point, probably during his tour of the South West, Cargill is said to have held a summit with Peden.

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