Donald Cargill’s Preaching at Auchengilloch in 1681

The Auchengilloch Monument © Gordon Brown and licensed for reuse.

After his meeting with representatives of the Galloway societies at Benty Rig at the end of June 1681, Donald Cargill preached at the remote moorland site of Auchengilloch, which lies on the boundary between Lesmahagow and Strathaven parishes in Lanarkshire and by the boundary between Lanarkshire and Muirkirk parish in Ayrshire, on 3 July:

‘The next Sabbath after he went from the foresaid Benty-rig, he preached at Auchingilloch, in the South-side of Clyd[e]sdale, and then returned to [the river] Clyde. The Week before he was taken, he was in the Leewood [by the Clyde]’. (Walker, BP, II, 41.)

Map of Auchengilloch

A stone monument erected in 1834 marks the site. It was originally inscribed as follows:

By their countrymen in
memory of the Presbyter
ians in Scotland who were
frequently compelled to
seek safety from perse
cution in the reigns of
Charles II and James II
By holding their meetings
for preaching and gospel
and other religious purpo
ses in this sequestered
place and whose patriot
ism and piety they record
with admiration
and gratitude’

[On the opposite side]

This Monument
which was generously exe
cuted by the gratuitous
labours of a few friends
of the Scottish Reformation
was occasioned by a sermon
delivered here on Sabbath
the 6th of July 1834 by the
Lesmahagow. From Rev.7.14.
These are they which came
out of great tribulation and
have washed their robes
and made them white in the
blood of the Lamb’

The inscription is now partially obscured by metal plates which repeat the same inscription. Cargill’s field preaching probably took place in the concealment of the glen beside the monument.

The Auchengilloch Monument © Gordon Brown and licensed for reuse.

Auchengilloch was almost certainly the site of an “ambuscade” on government forces on 12 June, 1684.

it became one of the favourite convention sites of the United Societies. The eight conventions held on the site were the fourteenth convention on 12 June 1684, the fifteenth convention on 31 July 1684, the seventeenth convention on 8 January 1685, the eighteenth convention on 12 February 1685, the twenty-seventh convention on 5 May 1686, the twenty-ninth convention on 18 August 1686, the thirty-fourth convention on 1 Jun 1687 and the thirty-sixth convention on 5 October 1687. (Jardine, ‘United Societies’, II, 115-117.)

A view along Auchengilloch Glen © Chris Wimbush and licensed for reuse.

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